Saturday, June 26, 2010

gerry fills a hole

gerry road his jet pack to the ho-metown buffet
to meet dan ho & his entire family for dinner,
but no sooner had they beheld the buffet than
gerry laid waste to it with sum magic mojo.

first he cast a pall of shaving cream
over the macaroni & beans & steak
& over the taco bar & everything else;
then he sprinkled wheat grass on the mess.

next he pricked his finger & blessed the buffet
with eighteen drops of his own blood.
finally, gerry uttered a spell in sanskrit
& the buffet became a magic energy ball

which flew away to plug the oil leak in the gulf
& cleanse the ocean and all its life;
of course, dan ho & his entire family were
pissed that they didn't get to eat.


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