Friday, June 11, 2010

Yeah, I Know...Plato Already Said This Shit

Thought fer the day: we are like the Next Generation Star Trek peeps, except we live our lives perpetually in the holodeck. We've lived here so long that we've forgotten there's a world outside--forgotten that we're even in a holodeck. So all the dire things that seem to happen in the holodeck we take as real life even tho' the safety protocols are always on and nothing can truly damage the real us. If we could remember that we're just playing various little roles, enacting various programs, but that none of it's real and none of it can hurt us...well, maybe we could be more at ease, have fun like the holodeck wuz meant for...or maybe we could stop the program and just dwell in the peace of whatever world exists beyond all of our imagined scenarios. Make if fucking so, Number One! (BTW, this analogy would sound a lot better if there hadn't been a couple of episodes where some alien took over the holodeck and really did make it deadly-dangerous on TNG and other Star Trek shows).


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