Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Ho News

This past weekend, I had another customer complaint about a woman who supposedly wearing nothing from the waist down. I said nothing more than, "OK, thanks for telling me that." Come to find out that the woman was wearing a pair of gym shorts- which was also covered with a t-shirt- and she might have been very drunk. I saw no reason to bother her.

Most women might want to be the ho but no woman wants to become the ho.

Bumper sticker that I saw this morning, "The ho depot. You can do it. She can help."

As I get older, I tend to think of sex as a chore. I think that the enjoyment of that can depend a lot on things like age, health, how much can you get paid for it, etc. Because of this, I would think that most people do not have any great interest in looking at penis or pussy (whether it might be in a porn video or not). So I am saying that maybe most people simply do not have that much of an interest in sex itself.

Also, there is the fact that I do not think that most people want to see genitals from the same sex. Is it not obvious that you need to be a little bit gay to enjoy that?

Some people might try to get freaky to spice things up. For example, daddy might say to mommy, "I want to tie you up and screw." But if you reach that point of trying weird things then maybe your relationship has problems. But hey, all relationships have problems- and if you can still stand someone else enough to let them satisfy your sexual desire- then why ask for more than that. Do you always need to go through another sexual relationship- with a different person- because don't you eventually get tired of that?


Blogger TXB said...

There's a come on that's gotta catch her off guard (unless she's Lada Gaga): "I want to tie you up and screw.'" I say if yer trying to spice things up it's at least an indication that you think the relationship is worth having enough to make a change to keep it. I'll bet a a whole helluva lot of people know that there are "problems" but just let them go on and on without really trying anything different...and then one day maybe they walk out. Or they never do.

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