Monday, June 28, 2010

Boehme's Buns

No, this is not a report on my ass. This is an assessment of the sugar conent for hamburger buns in America and McDonald's in particular. A diabetic colleague of mine recently claimed that McDonald's shoves a bunch of sugar into their food--their buns in particular--so me and Elliot Davis kicked in some doors and shoved microphones in people's faces and here is the report:

As with most things in life, size matters: sure, a Quarter Pounder With Cheese bun has 5 grams of sugar compared to the 3 of a plain old Wonder Bread bun. But the bun for a regular hamburger (i.e., a kid's burger) from McD, which is prolly about the same size as most store bought buns, is 4 grams of sugar. So yeah, I guess the put a little more sugar in, but not much. In fact, I bought some buns from Wal Mart as part of this bun review. I figured they were about the size of a QPWC bun...and they had 6 grams of sugar each!

Here's a website if you want more info (you click the questions, and some McD stooge gives the answers). One dude does mention his blood sugar going up big time after eating McD food...

Of course, most nondiabetics (and their blood sugars) would prolly be fine with the occasional McD meal if they would just order the fucking Diet Coke!


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