Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Viking Penis

This week in Penis and Vagina News brings forth the curious tale of Brett Favre, who respectfully submitted a photo of his penis by cell phone to a would be paramour. Bit of a Hail Mary pass, you ask me; and, like most Hail Mary's, it didn't work. But the real scandal here is that, once again, the penis is not fully acknowledged as a key player in all this. You will hear tales on the nightly newz of how BF "sexted" photos which were "obscene," "inappropriate," "lewd." You will never hear the crisp, completely unambiguous phrase, "Brett Favre sent a picture of his penis to a dame," and you certainly won't hear Brett Favre forthrightly clarify his motive by saying, "I thought that my penis and her vagina should get to know each other. I think they have a lot in common. Look, my penis works just as hard as I do to win football games, and sometimes when I'm on the road my penis just needs a place to crash. Her vagina would have been perfect for that." In the final analysis, Brett Favre's penis only wanted to follow the man's lead: it wanted to come out of retirement.


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