Sunday, August 07, 2011

For the Love of God, Please Show This Fucking Movie Already!!!

Dramatic walking from a plane--the sure sign of box office gold!

Some movies all but refuse to be released. They won't enter the theaters...they won't slink off quietly to DVD. That'd be fine if they just evaporated and no one ever had to think about them again. But some movies insist on the never-ending procession of trailers always promising their release even when the audience has figured out that they're nothing but a fucking tease. So it is with The Debt, a movie for which I've seen the trailer--IN THE THEATERS--six of seven times. Now, if it's some big blockbuster like Harry Potter and the Four Hour Erection, okay. But what is the fucking Dept? A possibly decent looking revenge/espionage thriller, but nothing at all that we haven't seen before. So, what are we to conclude? That it tested badly with audiences, I guess. And the studio keeps looking for that perfect release date where the movie won't bomb completely. Or maybe they think that Sam Worthington is the reason why Avatar kicked ass at the box office, and they're thinking it will be a big hit if they release it at just the right time. Well, it won't it's time to dump it and quit showing those goddamn trailers. Or cut a new trailer that promises an NC-17 rating and Jessica Chastain nekked. I'm there, dudes!


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