Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Chinese Democracy

So Asshole wants to blow trillions more in Iraq. The mind is beyond boggling at this point. I think the U.S. is starting to become analogous to the hobo who is making payments on a Porsche. And even that would make more least the hobo could drive in style from dumpster to dumpster, and he'd have a place to sleep. Of course, the govt. has been flushing our tax dollaz down the toilet for years, but our Iraq adventure is like emptying whole tanker trucks of lucre into a landfill. And because we are dealing with the Dumbfuck Decider and His Fuckhole Idiot Brigade, you really have to question whether they have axed even one economist or futurist whether the United States can survive such an obscene war debt when it now seems clear that we will never see any of them phat oil profits which obviously were the point of the whole war in the first place! You can't even chant, "No blood for oil" with a straight face anymore. You gotta say something like, "No blood for complete and utter useless bullshit," and that phrase just ain't very catchy.

As others have pointed out before, George the Terrorizer tried to get us all scared a while back, as many politicians do, about how Social Security is gonna go bust in our lifetimes...and yet, if the money we've spent on Iraq had gone towards SS, I believe it's been estimated that SS would have been guaranteed to be solvent for at least another 70 years. And we--FUCKING AMERICANS--at least get something out of Social Security! We get NOTHING from Iraq but more dead soldiers, more debt, and the cherry on top: the scorn of the rest of the world and the undying hatred of a shitload of Muslims. If Bush were to literally flush our money down the toilet, it would prolly be a better investment than his dunghill project in the Middle East. So please join me, all good gibblers, in wishing our POTUS some severe chest pains or an embolism in order to hasten an end to his truly disgusting life and all the evil he has done to us. The skin and cells and molecules that went into creating this shitbird were surely some of the nastiest that the Lord has ever manufactured, and the highest that Georgie-boy can ever aspire to is merely looking like a total joke in the history books. More likely, he will be viewed as one of the 21st century's most destructive dictators (and you might have to find that history in a book written in Chinese, but it will be true nonetheless).


Blogger Rick said...

Well, as fer me, I wish GWB all good health, so as not to have Cheney ascend the throne, and, on top of it, be an incumbent prez in '08.
But all other points well taken.
And, by the way, I mentioned this to my wife the other day: Guns 'n Roses's album Chinese Democracy has been in the works since about 94. I said, "When they originally titled it, of course it was a kind of pun, oxymoron. But this album is taking so long, by the time it comes out, there WILL be democracy in China."

1:32 PM  
Blogger TXB said...

Yeah, "Entertainment Weekly" or "Maxim" had some deal where they predicted what's in store for the coming year. They talked about the would-be album by Axl et al., and added, "We're going to keep predicting this every year until the album comes out."

10:02 AM  
Blogger TXB said...

Big Dick is already running the country. If he becomes Prez, the Dems would grab a hammer and break the emergency glass which encases their balls. And B.D. break the record for shortest time served as a President when he got his ugly ass impeached the day after being sworn in. Lord knows why the Dems won't talk of impeaching Bush...but with Cheney and his piss poor poll numbers, even those cowardly "progressive" assholes would prolly do the right thing. Not Joe Lieberman, tho'. He'd be too busy giving Cheney a haggard-job.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Gerry said...

So did you either of you guys watch "beauty and the geek" last night? I need someone to post a picture of that jenny lee since I am 100 percent not-gay.


11:12 AM  

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