Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Winners of the "Crazy on Iraq" Prize

There's a lot of crazy fucks offering their crazy opinions on Iraq. People that Butch Yost would prolly call up on the phone and say, "Congratulations on being a fucking gutless cunt!" because of the fact that, the more these folks clamor for more war, the surer you can usually be that they never fought a day in their life for anything tougher than dinner reservations at some club for rich assholes. Oh, there's McCain...but he's the craziest motherfucker of all, so his years in the military didn't give him any better sense than the chickenhawks have. And here's what's really wrong with the craziest of the crazies: they have finally come around to the idea that Iraq is the new Vietnam...and they're cool with it. Why? Because they believe that Iraq is our little time machine that can take us back to the jungle to fight Vietnam all over again. If we win this one, it's like Vietnam never happened. It's like we flew around the Earth like Superman and reversed time and kicked gook ass. These are some of the fucks who lead us, folks, and if they could go back to the playground and AK-47 the shit out of the schoolyard bully who fucked with them back in the day, they'd do that, too. I actually heard some Republican asshole on "Hardball" yesterday lamenting the fact that "the politicians" shut down the Vietnam war...just before we were about to win! Now, I haven't studied our exit from Vietnam in depth, but I'm guessing it wuz similar to what we are experiencing with Iraq: the public wants out of a clearly unwinable war, and it takes years for the politicians to obey the will of the majority of the American people. But you don't hear about "polls" or "the majority" or "representative government" or "democracy" from the defenders of the Iraq war anymore. These are the fools who would vote for a Saddam Hussein-style leader in America if he vowed to stay in Iraq till the war is won. Rudy Giuliani, anyone?


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