Sunday, September 16, 2007

You Too Can Look Like TXB!!!

So I've got this very chatty student in one of my classes who sez one of two things to me each day in the minutes before class begins: A. I REALLY REALLY look like some friend of hers OR B. Her roommates keep stealing her food! (my saloosh: "Buy them some toothpaste from China and they'll be dead by the end of the week"). But conversation point A. doth remind me that I've heard this sorta thing at least half a dozen times over the years: I'm the spitting image of so-and-so. In fact, over the summer this dude said I looked EXACTLY like his best friend. Oh, and FYI: the best friend died recently. The guy seemed worried about me because of the physical similarities, and added, almost tearfully, "Take care of yourself." Then there wuz the time on the mini-golf course when I ran into the alternate universe TXB, who wuz playing golf with his twin sons. No shit...dude looked EXACTLY like me. But until Danny Ho's post, I always chalked these resemblances up to something Kevin Smith once said: "I guess if you're really fat, wear glasses, and have a's not too hard to look like me." But lo! Dan Ho hath proved me and Kevin Smith wrong. There is now a beardless TXB running around out there with a friggin' military career! What's next...the TXB who still watches "Grey's Anatomy"? The TXB who hates Chinese food?! The totally batshit insane TXB who still believes in the St. Louis Rams? The TXB--gasp!--who is totally gay for Rudy Giuliani?! Say it ain't so, Dan Ho! Oh, and the drawing above? Yeah...not a drawing of me, but some dude who is apparently the TXB who broke into comics (damn it--I actually tried to do that!).


Blogger dan said...

That drawing shows a down-and-out panhandler that I have seen from the streets of Chicago. He stands at expressway entrance ramps holding a sign "homeless and hungry. please help".
That's not the TXB that I know.

4:39 AM  

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