Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TXB's Box

No, I'm not becoming a chick. I rented a movie recently called The Box. It sucked. So here's my box: it's got numbers and dials on, of course, a big fucking button in the middle of all the dials. You get to set how long you'll live. For reals. And let's establish up front that there's no Tennyson's Tithonus-like curse attached: you're not gonna be bedridden at 150 yrs. old with every single bone of yer body broken or anything. Hell, let's just say there's more dials related to aging/non-aging, good health...all that jazz. You can fix it so's you'll be in reasonably good health for the rest of yer life--and you won't look so old that only Betty White would fuck you. So...what time/age do you set the dials for? Me, I'd set it so that I'd live about another two hours...just long enough for one last trip to the Chinese buffet and maybe a pint of Ben and Jerry's after. That's all...I've seen enough of this ain't all that interesting that I need to stick around to watch us buttfuck the environment until it's inhospitable to humans...also, life in the age of cell phones and all the other little gadgets we jerk off to is so lame. The box is a more dignified gadget--and after you use it, it's gone from yer short life forever (t'will be short no matter what, eh). The dials are set. Now push the button, kids.


Blogger Gerry said...

If the box was designed to kill another person then it would be the perfect example of another "gadget that we jerk off to" or we could get together on Friday and kill with random abandon.

8:22 PM  
Blogger pas2iche said...

holy bleakness, batman.

11:07 AM  

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