Thursday, January 18, 2007

"TXB is so full of joy...thank you for his posts, Lord."

Is this the happiest fucking guy in the universe? You're goddamn right he is. Go, Joel Osteen! Keep rockin' the hard-gelled mullet! Keep preaching in that football stadium-sized church! Fuck all the naysayers who think yer a snake oil salesman. You're okay with me.

I am not even fucking kidding. I love this guy. He totally kicks the shit out of every other preacher in America, including Billy Graham in his heyday. And Pat Robertson isn't fit to even touch a single gelled hair on the end of Osteen's mullet.


Blogger Rick said...

Well, he sure is happy. One, maybe now two, NY Times bestsellers. And I mean, longtime, big-azz bestsellers. We all hear about Johnny Grishom and Stephen King. But these purpose-driven life bastards, they rack up the sales and ain't nobody knowin' about it.
Well, he sure ain't preachin' about the rich man not getting into Heaven bit.

8:19 AM  

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