Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Okay, this chick is hot...

...but this is not "the best show on television." Having previously established, along with Melissa--and despite what the Golden Globs said--that "Grey's Anatomy" is not the best show on television (and actually totally blows)...I now proceed to debunk the myth that "Battlestar Galactica" is somehow so much more than a sci-fi show and must be worshipped and hailed for all that penetrating social commentary that it offers. Yawn. Okay, so it's a quality show...good production values, acting, etc. And sure, there is the occasional commentary on war and such that is interesting for our terror-torn times, but pardon my ass for wanting a sci-fi to actually be exciting and have some cool 'splosions fairly regularly. As the saying goes, the revamped BSG is all fucking and no coming--a bleak contrast to the original series, where there seemed to be a big battle with the Cylons almost every episode. And if the likes of Lorne Greene and Dirk Benedict can be made to seem more interesting than this dame, then you know you're watching one snoozer of a quality show.


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