Monday, February 05, 2007

The dude from "Wings"? For real?

Yes, it's true: Steven Weber is apparently a pretty smart dude. And he ain't playin'. Here's how he lays it on the line with regard to the current politcial regime: "I don't care how much white hair you have on your head, how much schooling you have or how much you pray--in allowing Bush/Cheney do their thing, you are killing this country." Also, it turns out that Mr. Weber may be the best damn thing about Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. From the couple of episodes I've seen, he was friggin' hillarious. Anyway, dude can write, too.


Blogger Rick said...

And, while he wasn't so great in it, he had the good sense to co-star with Patrick Stewart in the gay-themed movie Jeffrey.
The latest today is that NBC is pulling Studio 60 for a couple months. Well, when you cast somebody from Friends in anything other than a Dunston Checks In or Eddie, or whatever that monkey movie the other Friends guy was in, what do you 'pect?

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