Monday, September 17, 2007

The General Has, In Point of Fact, Betrayed Us

For years, I've thought about those assholes who prolly thought of someone like yers trooly as a traitor during the run up to the Iraq war. I only attended one demonstration against the war, but most of the responses we got from motorists driving by in Marshall, MN, wuz negative, and some of it wuz of the "you're on the side of the terrorists" variety. And of course all the right wing pundit freaks have continued that "surrender monkey/traitor" shit right thru 2007, even though, in poll after poll, most of the country now thinks it would be prudent to cut and run from the insanity of Brush and his Iraq adventure. But you can imagine how all those chickenshit chickenhawks would do in a war themselves, since they whine like pussies when a total flak for Brush--General David Petraeus--gets labelled "General Betray Us" by MoveOn. org. My oh my...for all the outcry on Fox News and such, you'd think someone had called Mother Teresa a dirty, dirty whore. Well, I've never been one to throw the term "traitor" around too loosely or question the patriotism of others (mostly b/c I don't give a shit whether you're patriotic or not). But I will say this: if you are lying to the American people to continue the war, then you are betraying them. And sonny boy, that's what fuckhole Petraeus is doing and has done. That's what Brush is ALWAYS doing. That's what Cheney has done and will do if he ever crawls out of his hole again. That's what Rumsfeld did. That's what Rove did. That's what Tony Snow did on a daily basis...and got paid handsomely for it (not handsomely enough for T.S., tho', who will prolly now lie for huge piles of money at exclusive speaking engagements). All these assholes lied, lied, and lied some more. And yes, they betrayed the trust of the American people. So suck it up, you right wing fucks--b/c you've got more important worries than whether or not the honor of one man in the military has been questioned. If you have a conscience at all, you should be concerned more about the fact that you, too--by repeating the lies of more powerful liars--have betrayed the American people.


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