Monday, December 12, 2011

The Pussykillers

It's about three friends who own and run the Pets' Ultimate Superfriend Society animal shelter. They find out that a rich old lady who sometimes visits the shelter has recently died. Her former chauffeur, Drew Blue, drops by to let them know why she won't be visiting anymore...but also to tell them some good news: he learned from the old bat's lawyer that she left all of her 53 million dollar fortune to her cat, Mr. Sniffles... but the will also stipulates that, when the cat dies, the remainder of the loot will go to the animal shelter. Unfortunately, the cat is only five years old, so they could be in for a wait. Mr. Blue notes how sad it would be if something were to happen to the cat and proposes a partnership. He adds, "See, that bitch didn't leave shit to me, so I figure Mr. Sniffles can eat dirt before I eat Beefaroni for the rest of my life." Before Blue leaves, an agreement has been made, with the P.U.S.S. members figuring it's worth it for one cat to die if they can save countless more animals with that 53 mil. They set up a meeting place and time to plan out the hit. As he walks out the door, Blue turns back to his new partners and says, "Just remember: there may be 101 ways to skin a cat, but none of them will make it look like an accident."

Thursday, December 01, 2011

John 10:30

I and the Father
I and the Mother
I and the Sister
I and the Brother
I and the Family
I and the Enemy
I and my Friend
are one.