Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Drive Thru Drive-By

Recently, at Hardlee's, I axed for a beef burrito bowl and a five piece order of chicken tenders. The drive thru dame apparently heard "spicy chicken" (which they don't have) instead of "five piece chicken" and what followed wuz not an amusing fast food riff on the ol' "who's on first?" comedy routine popularized by Abbott and Costello but a fucking annoying conversation that ended with me saying, "Forget the chicken. Just give me the beef burrito bowl." This wuz the third time I'd mentioned the beef burrito bowl, so when the ditz came back with "Okay, so that's one chicken burrito bowl," I somehow said, "BEEF!!!" with only slightly louder volume than usual instead of the appropriate primal scream to which we are all inevitably driven at the modern fast food drive thru.