Thursday, November 16, 2006

You go, girrll...

Well, the video is prolly mostly for the guys (though Melissa was diggin' it as well). But the song is as much for Melissa. It's U2's "One," with Mary J. Blige croonin' her azz off. I gotta say, it's darn groovy.

The Money Shot

Well, since Gerry has logged on, he should be rewarded. And here it is: what I call the "hunky Gerry" photo.
Now, not that you're not always thusly hunky. But, you know, we got it on film.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

welcome to the Fall of 1987? chericawa roommates blog

Yep, it is just like we have been living together for the rest of our lives. I mean, I would guess that only Tim, Rick, and I were the only people who made a habit of reading these e-mails- maybe Dan- but then he says that he can not get into this. Dan has high speed internet at home so I don't understand that- unlees he got sick of paying for it.

Where is Tim's sleep study report?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bloggin' For Columbine

Well, we did try to have an "Educated Bowlers" blog for a while, too. In fact, it might still be floating around in the Blogger blogosophere. It makes you wonder how a blog really takes off since it seems difficult even to get all the good little gibblers and bowlers to blog. I mean...where the fuck is Tom Sasche on this blog? Like he has a life?!

So I've gotta take another "sleep study" on Friday to verify again that I have sleep apnea so that my MO insurance company will pony up for the new (probably useless) CPAP (Continous Pressure Something Something) device that "treats" sleep apnea (stopping breathing while you sleep). My old one didn't hardly work for shit so God knows why I'm going thru this crap again. But they say they have different kinds of masks or whatever to pump the oxygen down your nose, so maybe this time I'll find something that works. I want the device that just makes you stop breathing permanently--like, the Kevorkian model of the CPAP. Then you get to sleep forever and never have to take a stupid fucking sleep study again. The last one (in MN) was pure hell. Anyway, you gotta sleep in this room and they tape a bunch of wires and shit to your chest and it's a fucking miracle if you can ever get to sleep. Maybe I'll report on Monday how it went...

A Few Questions...

Remember this from the olden days? Mr. Microphone? A few questions:
1. Isn't the car a bit too crowded as it is, for them to "pick you up later"?
2. Why the repeating of "Jingle Bells"? The company couldn't find any other songs in the public domain?
3. Weird how the blonde at the end is in the house, and, on the cover of the box! Talk about meta-fiction!
4. The "professional uses Mr. Microphone for rehearsing," but she's playing in front of an audience.
5. And, finally, at the beginning, when the guy says the party is getting a bit too quiet, and he pulls an elongated pink object out of his coat pocket, well, visions of -- I can't say it.

I'll be your friend, Ricky

My poor hubby can't seem to get people to blog with him, so I'll jump into the fray. Unfortunately, I don't have anything to say, except for the fact that I hate Dr. Phil (for some reason, it's playing in the background right now - gotta do something 'bout that) and that I'm a happy, happy girl. Dems take control and Rummy steps down. This is all too good to be true. Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket.

By the by, while the name on this post is listed as Rick and Melissa it's actually just Melissa. I'm just too damn lazy to create my own account (Rick created this one).

So come on, Gibblers. Throw my man a bone. Blog away.


I think Tim had Harley Rutledge for a class in college. Rutledge was into the UFO dilly-o. I see from his Wikipedia bio that he died in June, and that he was a physics professor. Now, none of the other scientists ever spoke up or protested his paranormal interests? Kinda seems like having a Satanist in the faculty at Bob Jones University.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's Just Too Easy

I promise to stop posting Speak Outs. But this is another doozy from today:

TO THE person worried about the drag show at Southeast Missouri State University: Please open your mind. It was put on by a student organization, and the funds for it were raised by the student organization, not costing any taxpayer any money. Nobody is forced to go to the performance, so no one is trying to recruit members. There are lots of activities sponsored by religious groups on campus. This would technically fall under the same category. I do not practice the same religion as all the groups on campus. Are they trying to recruit me? People need to stop throwing stones.

Well, gosh darn it. I'm as enlightened as the next hetero. But don't think I'm gonna lump Elton John and the cast of Priscilla, Queen of the Dessert in with the Dalai Lama. (OK, bad example. The Lama does wear pretty fabulous sashes.) But, um, exactly what religion is vamping "technically the same category"?

I Can Feel You Breath (and Scream!)

This apparently is real, true-like. Faith Hill gettin' mad for not winning that NASCAR CMA WWF award for Wimmen Vocalist of the Year.

Speak Out Like Lots of Times

OK, the daily paper in Cape Girardeau, MO, is the Southeast Missourian. They've had a section for years, for ord'nry folks to voice their opinions. It used to be via telephone, but I'm sure nowadays, even folks in the Heartland got that there Internets. The section is called Speak Out. I noticed this doozy today:

ISN'T THERE an ordinance in Jackson against putting a temporary sign on sawhorses in the back of an old flatbed truck in the yard of a business on the main street of Jackson? If not there should be. All that money spent on landscaping is overshadowed by that eyesore.

Well, um, isn't there an ordinance in Jackson against stringing together like tons of running-upon words to delineate the most narrow kind of situation as has ever occurred since Moses had his bar mitzvah?

What Would Oliver Stone Say?

How 'bout those electioneering folks? The mucky-muck of the Missouri elections was serially challenged to produce identification (legally a no-no--to require someone to produce all of that).

See the story here.

And I hear tell that since Indiana's polls close at 6 pm EST, an hour before all others on the East Coast, we'll perhaps be able to get an early gauge of things tonight.

Blog Aid

Folks, as you enter the blogosphere here, I'm not sure how easy it is, how clear it is for newbies to post blogs, etc. When you are logged in, when in doubt click on the Blogger logo, and going to the Dashboard (in upper righthand corner of the behind-the-scenes screen) will get you to a good place. Under the "Posting" tab, you can start a new blog entry.
But flail away with your questions.

Vote or Kill P. Diddy!

Didn't vote, so I guess I gotta start planning that P. Diddy hit. Well, it all comes down to this, sports fans: the Defeat-O-Crats versus the Republi-cocksucker-icans. Gonna be fun to watch the returns tonight. Hopefully, at some point in the late night hours, MSNBC will require Norah O'Donnell to do her election report in lingerie.

Follow the Fun

Well, folks. Tonight's the night. Who's it gonna be? In Missouri, Talent or McCaskill? In Tennesse, Ford or Corker? In New York, Hillary or...or...uh, what's that guy's name running against her? Well, anyway, you get the point. Tight races all around the country. Here's a good map to follow the races.

Calling all Gibblers!

Let's get this funky party started, all you homeys!
Here's the place to post those amusing SEMO-era anecdotes. To list all of those non-SEMO-era anecdotes (for those of the Gibblers who didn't have the fortune to attend one of the best state universities in the southeast region of Missouri). To post mad-crazy pictures of your shorty.

For instance, in the picture of SEMO's Academic Hall, notice all the foot traffic, the students engaging in conversation, the frisbees on the lawn. See, that's a funny blog posting, isn't it?