Thursday, February 28, 2013

royal portrait

a fat woman
in a tank top
in just above
freezing weather
garish tattoo on
her left arm; she
should be our queen
in jeff county

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Who am I? I'm Apache Chief, that's who! Who the fuck are you?"

Monday, February 04, 2013

Had a good time with the fam plus Rich and Terry yesterday playing cards before the Super Bowl...and watching the SB with Dad and G., of course. I won the Texas Hold'em game we played, and I also inadvertently performed a pretty neat card trick. While dealing, I flipped a card across the table to Dad, but it turned in midair and landed, standing up on its side longways; then it flicked back and forth--shimmying down the very slight crack where the two halves of the table were pressed together--and disappeared. Tres bizarre. 

As for the game...I wuz rooting for the Raves cuz Joe Wenderoth loves them and cuz Scott Siler hates the 49ers. Gary and I found our own reason to hate'em once we learned that QB Kaepernick kisses his biceps to celebrate touchdowns. Finally, late last nite, drifting off to sleep, I composed a poem in my head about a QB who doesn't make out with his arms:

Ode to Flacco

Flacco didn't talk smacko

but knew how to attacko
& avoid the sacko; & even 
when the lights went out

he wuz implaco...uh...-able

& stayed on tracko,
so let us not give him flako
for saying fuck.