Friday, August 03, 2012

Blogging for, Jerry

Hmmmm. Okay, let's tackle the questions in the thing above cuz I'm bored (read that first if you want this to make sense). First one: are we talking about oversleeping church? Duh...most church services are like an informercial for boring and movies are sometimes entertaining. Why make boring a priority? But let's assume that "sleep thru" means you show up to church but fall asleep during the sermon or something. I think it would be equally easy to fall asleep both there and at the movies. Actually, check that: if I can't have caffeine at either, then I'm prolly more likely to fall asleep at a movie...cuz I can usually last an hour without falling asleep once we get into that subdued space of the lecture hall, theater, or church (not always). So I'm good for a Lutheran service, I suppose, but I haven't gone to church much in my 40s, so who knows? Two or three hours of a less than riveting flick and no caffeine, tho'? Often I'm in a coma. But o
f course we can have caffeine in the theater if we're willing to pay. Perhaps churches should sell fi-dolla cokes before you walk in--and, y'know, not be so boring. Next question: again, I find praying and cussing equally easy. As for #3...well, I generally don't repost, so who cares? But...maybe b/c sum churches hold up the pastor or preacher as the purveyor of all or most wisdom, so the average schmo isn't really challenged to investigate or own his/her faith...and so has little to say about it, even thru the limited effort involved in reposting? Just spitballin' there. Question #4 is easy: you can see celebrities, but you can't see the big G. You might hope to one day be rich, sexy, and famous, and praying to God for such things is certainly popular--but celebrities are these things in the flesh. They model pleasures...even if they are merely transitory pleasures (in the long run, of course, all pleasure is transitory). Anyway...clearly I have answered questions number cinq and seis in the negatory, and so we're all out of questions--except the philosophical ones which quoting the Bible is perhaps meant to forestall. I'll leave it up to others to decide whether the Lawd really said that thing about you, your friends, and his pops. Finally...I don't care whether you believe in Jesus or repost this, but I do suggest you follow the teaching of the prophet Jerry: "Be good to yourselves...and each other."